About Pam

When “Creative” Pam Saulsby speaks about “New World Order”, she’s not thinking about what the powers that be are planning for the planet Earth.  Instead, she is talking about the new way she is presenting herself to the World.  She is simply being powerfully authentic and brings a consistent theme of realness throughout her music and communications projects.  Her “New World Order” was launched at the beginning of 2015.

Saulsby, a veteran broadcast journalist recognized for award-winning news coverage, has stepped away from the news desk and chosen a different path that will focus on using her creative talents to generate positive social impact. Having served as a beloved news anchor in a career spanning three decades, Saulsby has covered stories and personally witnessed and documented events that have both shaped and shaken the world.

Her job as a news anchor opened many doors but also tied her down with significant personal sacrifices. She began to feel the weight and negative effects of the media industry, and Saulsby knew the time had come for a dynamic shift. She began to feel the tug to go deeper and give even more of her time and energy to the causes that she felt mattered most.

Saulsby decided that the way to regain her life, ironically, would be by giving even more of herself to others. The difference this time is that Saulsby is behind the steering wheel of her life, which is fast-paced and in constant motion. Using her instinct and heart as her GPS, Saulsby is already well on her way to generating positive influence in countless lives. She has broken free of the confines of the media that dictated her voice and views for years and is now positioned to speak freely and relate with others in a very personal way.

One of Saulsby’s chosen causes is the military, both active duty soldiers and veterans who experience challenges during and after serving. She has walked and talked with numerous American soldiers who fought for our freedom only to return to this country and find themselves abandoned to fight for benefits they are rightfully owed.  For her work recording and producing the stories of military veterans and their families on her own time, Saulsby was awarded in 2011 with the U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

As a journalist, she covered the Million Man March, the impeachment proceedings of President Clinton, and was in New York City when Nelson Mandela began his U.S. tour after his release from a 27-year imprisonment. Events like these have stirred Saulsby’s conviction and desire to be proactive.

A true master communicator, Saulsby is using her voice to make a mark, with the intention to uplift and empower the lives of others. She is an author, military video blogger, public speaker, and an accomplished vocalist and songwriter. She has recorded two albums and began the New Year by releasing a single called “Brand New Day,” a song that reflects her newfound perspective and confidence.

“This time and shift in my life is a celebration and a milestone for me, personally and professionally,” said Saulsby. “I’ve finally given myself full permission to fully and freely express myself and use my talents in all areas of my life. This has only given me more motivation and energy to give to others and devote myself to the causes I care most about. I’m excited to be a catalyst of inspiration and change – to be giving it forward.”

Pictures, videos, and an mp3 of “Brand New Day” are all available by request.